Find Your Vehicle Identification Number

As a part of the enrollment process, you will need to provide your vehicle identification number (VIN). Depending on your vehicle, your VIN can be found in a variety of locations. The graphic to the right shows where you can find the VIN on your vehicle.

In addition to your vehicle, you can find your VIN on one of the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration card

  • Insurance card

  • Vehicle title

If you are unable to find your VIN, please contact the help desk for assistance at 1-800-593-1876 or [email protected]

The 17-character VIN is unique for each vehicle. It can be found on your vehicle registration form, your auto insurance information, and on your car.

Important Reminder: Be sure to add [email protected] to your list of “safe” email addresses. You will receive a confirmation email once you’ve successfully enrolled in the pilot. Azuga will send a follow-up email to confirm the mileage-recording device has been shipped. For help adding an email to your list of “safe” email addresses, click here.