Multi-State Truck Pilot

The majority of MBUF exploration has occurred in western states and has focused on passenger vehicles. The Coalition, and its technology partner EROAD, recognize that it is vital to bring the perspective of both the East Coast as well as the trucking industry to the national evaluation of MBUF. Motor carriers face unique challenges and it is crucial to gain a better understanding of their needs and viewpoints.

The Coalition states, which run from Maine to Florida, are home to a critical freight corridor in the U.S. which serves as the heartbeat of the country’s economy. The close proximity of state boundaries, the large amount of freight movement that happens on a daily basis, and the number of different toll facilities in the Corridor states represent reporting challenges for the trucking industry. The impact of those challenges within an MBUF system was studied during the pilot.

I95 MBUF Infographicssmaller.jpg

Unlike passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles already have a long list of existing reporting requirements to comply with. Commercial motor carriers have to keep records for a number of regulations, including Electronic Logging Device (ELD), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and International Registration Plan (IRP). The purpose of the multi-state truck pilot is to explore the feasibility of using existing regulations and technology as a potential MBUF framework.

The truck pilot looked at the existing reporting requirements of motor carriers and analyzed how MBUF could fit into the existing system, highlighted potential challenges, and looked at potential positive synergies in the data that was collected. Lessons learned from the implementation of the ELD mandate and the differences between passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles were just two examples.

The aim was to have a constructive conversation with stakeholders of varying viewpoints to identify and highlight concerns and recommendations of the industry, to ensure they are being considered when policy-makers discuss a potential mileage-based user fee system.

For more information on the initial phase of the multi-state truck pilot, click here.

The Coalition is expanding its multi-state truck pilot. The next phase will launch in the summer of 2020 and will be the largest trucking-focused MBUF pilot ever conducted in the United Sates. For more information on how to get involved, click here.