Passenger Vehicles & Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF)

To ensure the voices of citizens along the Eastern Seaboard are included in the national discussion of how to establish a sustainable and equitable transportation funding approach, The Eastern Transportation Coalition, formerly known as the I-95 Corridor Coalition, is conducting a series of multi-phase, multi-year pilots. The purpose of this work is to explore the feasibility, including the associated challenges, of replacing the fuel tax with a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) in a multi-state environment. The Coalition started with focused pilots in Delaware and Pennsylvania and is currently expanding to include pilots in other states along the East Coast. It is also expanding the first-of-its kind commercial truck pilot.

2019 Passenger Vehicle Pilot

The 2019 Passenger Vehicle Pilot expanded on the Coalition’s passenger vehicle pilot. This pilot included members of the general public and included nearly 900 drivers during the four-month pilot, with the majority residing in Delaware and Pennsylvania. More than three million miles of driving data were collected as participants drove through 42 states and Canada while participating in the pilot.

Read about the highlights and reactions to the 2019 pilot report 2019 Passenger Vehicle Report Announcement.
Insights and findings from this pilot are highlighted in the 2019 Passenger Vehicle Pilot Fact Sheet.

2018 Passenger Vehicle Pilot

The 2018 Passenger Vehicle Pilot was the initial passenger vehicle pilot conducted by the Coalition. The Pilot included 155 transportation stakeholders along the East Coast, with the majority of participants residing in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Focus areas included managing out-of-state mileage, interoperability with tolling, and premium features available to drivers with MBUF technology.

Insights and findings from this pilot are highlighted in the 2018 Passenger Vehicle Pilot Fact Sheet.