Join the Mileage-Based User Fee Pilot


Thank you for your interest in The Eastern Transportation Coalition’s Mileage-Based User Fee Pilot! We’re looking for volunteers like you to help figure out if a mileage-based user fee could be a sustainable solution for transportation funding. As a pilot participant, you’ll get to test drive new technology needed for a mileage-based user fee system.

You’ll receive a device that plugs into your vehicle. The device will turn your car into a “smart car” and will monitor your driving habits, vehicle health, trip information and carbon footprint. The device will stay in your car until the pilot ends. After the pilot is complete, you will return your device using the provided instructions.

Each month, you’ll receive a simulated statement comparing what you paid in the fuel tax to what you could have paid in a mileage-based user fee system. Throughout the pilot you’ll have the opportunity to share your feedback via online surveys. This information will then be shared with policymakers.

If you have any questions about enrolling in the pilot please contact the Help Desk at [email protected] or 1-888-884-7004.


how we got here

We all expect to get where we’re going safely and efficiently. For nearly 100 years, the roads and bridges we drive on every day have been maintained through the fuel tax drivers pay at the pump. That funding method is in jeopardy as vehicles become more fuel-efficient and the number of electric vehicles on the road increases.

Testing New Solutions

One potential funding option policy makers are discussing is a mileage-based user fee. A mileage-based user fee would charge drivers by the mile instead of by how much fuel their vehicle consumes. Is it the solution? We’re not sure, but we’re looking for drivers like you to participate in a pilot to help us understand if a mileage-based user fee is the future of transportation funding.

To date the majority of mileage-based user fee exploration has been conducted in western states. Therefore, it is vital to bring the perspective of the Eastern Seaboard to the national discussion. The Eastern Transportation Coalition is neutral if a mileage-based user fee is the ultimate solution to providing a long-term sustainable funding mechanism for the transportation network. Click here to learn more.