How technology can make MBUF reporting easier—and bring some pretty sweet bonus features, too.

Many drivers think a mileage-based user fee system requires a time-consuming process of reporting miles driven. However, with today’s technology, reporting is a snap: just plug a smart device in your car and let the device do the reporting for you—and as an added bonus, catch a glimpse into your car’s computer.

Participants in our passenger vehicle pilots have learned this firsthand. In fact, about 85% of participants in our 2018 and 2019 passenger pilots told us their MBUF device was both easy to use and presented an accurate report of their trips. Their responses confirm that the right technology can make MBUF reporting quick, easy, and painless.

But smart devices can do more than send reports of miles driven – drivers can also use these devices to learn more about their cars. In our 2020-2021 passenger pilot, participants have the option of using their smart device to access Premium Features. With Premium Features, participants can use a phone or computer to receive updates on battery life and overall vehicle health, decode check engine messages, view their trip histories, see their carbon footprint, and access other features. This Premium Features info stays private—only users can view their own data—and offers users an unprecedented look into their car’s computer, a view usually reserved for mechanics because of how complex modern cars have become.

By test-driving this new technology, pilot participants are helping shape the future of how drivers can interact with their mileage reporting smart devices.

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