Mileage Reporting Options

Plug-In Device with Location Plug-In Device without Location Smartphone with Location
(Android Only)
Beta version in development.
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Device Operations
Uses GPS to determine where you traveled
Uses a device that plugs in to your vehicle
Requires a smartphone with downloaded app
Value-Added Amenities
Mileage-Based User Fee (MBUF) Details: View all the data pertaining to MBUF charges, including your miles traveled, fuel tax credit and wallet balance.
Trip Logs: Detailed trip logs remember each trip you’ve taken, so you can see details
about your trips like duration, cost, and carbon footprint.
Vehicle Health: Get valuable information about what’s really happening with your vehicle when the Check Engine light goes on.
Battery Voltage: See how well your battery is performing and see right away if your battery is dead or getting old.
Driver Scoring: Driver scoring that shows how smooth you drive. Driving factors that are scored: high speed, acceleration, braking and idling.
Achievements: Earn badges that unlock for good driving behavior. Compete with friends and family to see who can unlock the most badges. A great tool for drivers to stay engaged and connected with their driving.
Safe Zones: Offers peace of mind that anyone driving your car (such as a teenager) is
safe by allowing you to set up geographical zones and be notified when the vehicle has
crossed those zones.
Enhanced Visual Trip Logs: Trip logs
that show individual trips on a map
and are shareable with friends.
2MyCar: 2MyCar: Guides you back to your car
using your smartphone with either
turn-by- turn instructions or by a straight-line route

Smartphone app required

Smartphone app

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