Commercial Trucks &
Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF)

Commercial Vehicles

The Eastern Transportation Coalition, along with our technology and research partner, EROAD, recognizes that it is critical to bring the perspective of the trucking industry to the national conversation around mileage-based user fees (MBUF). Unlike passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles:

  • Face unique operational and regulatory challenges
  • Adhere to a long list of reporting requirements
  • Are heavier users and payers of our nation’s roads and bridges

These key differences make it vital to gain a better understanding of this industry’s needs and viewpoints.

Recognizing that motor carriers have a critical role in the U.S. economy and are heavy users and funders of the transportation system, the Coalition conducted the nation’s first multi-state pilot in 2018-2019 and the nation’s first National Truck Pilot in 2020-2021 to bring the voice of the truckers into the national exploration of MBUF.

We are currently conducting an International Truck Pilot – the first in the U.S. – for commercial vehicles. Our goal is to better understand how a MBUF would impact trucks, and how to effectively and equitably set per-mile MBUF rates.

For more information, or to sign up for the pilot, email us at [email protected].

TCA is pleased to see that the Eastern Transportation Coalition's new study has produced needed multistate data on the visibility of a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) for the trucking industry. This study is a good first step, and we agree with the Coalition's report that additional data is still needed before any nationwide policy on MBUF can be pursued. We hope that the Coalition's work will provide a signal to federal policymakers that it is premature to start transitioning to a new revenue collection model and that significant questions must be addressed regarding MBUF implementation, especially for the trucking industry, before moving forward.
John Lyboldt
President, Truckload Carriers Association