Commercial Trucks and Mileage-Based User Fees (MBUF)

The Eastern Transportation Coalition along with its technology and research partner, EROAD, recognize that it is critical to bring the perspective of both the East Coast as well as the trucking industry to the national evaluation of MBUF (mileage-based user fees). Unlike passenger vehicles, commercial motor carriers face unique operational and regulatory challenges (including a long list of reporting requirements) and are high-volume road users, making it vital to gain a better understanding of this industry’s needs and viewpoints.  Recognizing that the motor carrier has a critical role in the US economy and is a heavy user and funder of the transportation system, the Coalition conducted the nation’s first multi-state pilot in 2019 and the nation’s first National Truck Pilot in 2020-2021 to bring the voice of the truckers into the national exploration of MBUF.

The Coalition studied the impact of an MBUF system on motor carriers during its 2020-2021 MBUF work, which included the nation’s first National Truck Pilot. The National Truck Pilot included more than 200 vehicles traveling 11 million miles across the 48 contiguous United States. The pilot explored how technology could be used to ease reporting burdens in a shift to MBUF, as well as the effect of a fuel economy-based tiered rate MBUF structure on motor carriers.

This work built on the Coalition’s 2018-2019 pilot, which used real-world data compiled from 55 tractor-trailers to look at the trucking industry’s existing reporting requirements and analyze how MBUF could fit into the current regulatory environment. The analysis highlighted potential challenges to MBUF implementation and looked at potential synergies between current regulations and a mileage-based user fee model. 

In addition to the truck pilots, the Coalition formed a Motor Carrier Working Group to create a forum in which trucking association representatives, fleet executives, and truck manufacturers can share perspectives, concerns and recommendations on MBUF.

The Coalition’s goal is to advance a pragmatic, data-driven conversation with stakeholders of varying viewpoints in order to identify and address concerns and recommendations of the industry and to ensure the interests of trucking are being considered when policymakers discuss a potential mileage-based user fee system.