About the Coalition


The Eastern Transportation Coalition (the Coalition) is a partnership of 17 Eastern U.S. states and Washington, D.C. working together to address transportation challenges. Our goal is to equip policymakers with data-driven analysis so they can make informed decisions about a path forward. As part of this work, we’re exploring a mileage-based user fee (MBUF) approach, which is a potential replacement for the pay-at-the-pump fuel tax.

We began our MBUF work in 2018 to bring an Eastern U.S. voice to the national conversation around MBUF. Before this, most MBUF research focused on Western states.

An Eastern U.S. perspective is crucial because our region has a unique combination of characteristics not seen in Western states, including:

  • Significant cross-state travel
  • Numerous toll facilities
  • Several major truck corridors

These characteristics make our states a natural testing ground to explore the potential impacts and challenges of implementing an MBUF system nationally.

Since 2018, our work has included the following:

  • Four passenger vehicle pilots
  • The nation’s first multi-state commercial vehicle pilot
  • The nation’s first national truck pilot
  • Statewide public opinion surveys
  • Geographic equity analyses
  • Studies of how MBUF technology could be leveraged for tolling and congestion mitigation
  • Meetings with our Motor Carrier Working Group, a group of commercial vehicle industry experts

Our work has shown that an MBUF can be a viable alternative to the pay-at-the-pump fuel tax. Read about the findings from our latest work 

The Coalition is a TSMO organization that also focuses on freight and innovation topics. You can learn more about the Coalition and our work outside of the MBUF pilots at tetcoalition.org.