Paving the way to
Transportation Funding’s Future

Since 2017, The Eastern Transportation Coalition (TETC) has been leading the conversation on the East Coast regarding the exploration of sustainable transportation funding for all road users.

Right now, most funding used to maintain our roads comes from a tax we pay on fuel at the pump.

But what happens to our roads as cars go farther on less fuel and some stop using fuel at all?

The Eastern Transportation Coalition
is here to answer that question.

What is an MBUF?

A mileage-based user fee, or MBUF:


We all depend on a well-functioning transportation system that gets you to where you need to go, delivers packages to your door, and keeps groceries on the shelves.

But as vehicles go farther on less fuel and some stop using any fuel at all, it becomes harder to maintain our aging transportation system.

Learn why an MBUF might be the solution.

Informing the Future of Mileage-Based User Fees

The Eastern Transportation Coalition (the Coalition) is a partnership of 18 Eastern U.S. states and Washington, D.C. working together to address transportation challenges. As part of this work, we’re exploring the feasibility of MBUF as a replacement for the pay-at-the-pump tax.

We equip policymakers with information from real-world MBUF pilots, public opinion surveys, focus groups, and data analysis, so they can make informed decisions about how to fund transportation in the future.

About Our Work 

The Coalition’s demonstration pilots, surveys, and analyses have shown that an MBUF can be a viable alternative to the pay-at-the-pump fuel tax.

Our work includes:

12 Passenger Vehicle Pilots

0 +
States Represented Among Participants
Public Opinion Survey Respondents

3 Commercial Vehicle Pilots

0 +
Miles Traveled
0 M+
States Traveled + Canada

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